Gibson ES-355 1960 - La guitare de la rupture d'Oasis

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Gibson ES-355 1960 - La guitare de la rupture d'Oasis
Gibson ES-355 1960 - The guitar of Oasis' breakup - Noel Gallagher's instrument of choice between 1996 and 2011, we see the first appearance of the Gibson ES-355 in the "Stand By me" video from the Be Here Now album. As recounted in the Premier Guitar interview, "I usually just pick my 1960 Gibson 355, it's the foundation of everything... My 1960 355 is the best guitar I've ever played." In all his creative process, the artist must be in search of the tool of expression to serve his art: Noel Gallagher knew how to find comfort and inspiration in this guitar model. Purchased between 1996 and 1997, Noel owns two versions of the 355. The first one, used live, has a short pickguard as its main distinctive feature. The other ES-355, the one on sale, has a longer pickguard and a black Truss rod cover. Christmas appearances with his ES-355 are not lacking. No doubt in reference to Johnny Marr, guitarist of the Smiths, an undeniable model for the former composer of Oasis. Present in the Christmas instrumental park, this second ES-355 appears notably on the "Dig Out Your Soul" tour in 2008. Used by Noel Gallagher, we also see it in the hands of Gem Archer on the song "Don't Look Back in Anger". This ES-355 from 1960 symbolizes the soul and the history of the band: broken in the ultimate storm of August 28th, 2009 at the Rock en Seine festival, it is today, without any doubt, the incarnation of the intense and tumultuous career of the band which knew how to put the 90's in the tune of Britpop. Perfectly restored in 2011 by Philippe Dubreuille, the most French of London luthiers, the guitar now has a "vintage correct" look and the wounds inflicted on the instrument have healed. Once the restoration work is done, the Oasis page is turned and our ES-355 is back in service for a while with Noel Gallagher and the High Flying Birds. After the explosion and the repercussion of the Oasis breakup, many discussions and interpretations were made about the importance of this mythical guitar. An explanatory text written and signed by Noel Gallagher attests to the extraordinary status of this guitar. This certificate allows, among other things, to understand the confidential relationship between the musician and this guitar that he describes as "my #1" for both composing and recording. This certificate clarifies the reasons that pushed Noel Gallagher to part with this instrument that has become the symbol of a relationship as inspiring as it was destructive. Original case.
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