Gold, bars and coins

Why sell gold via an auction?

Lemon Auction offers you its free and confidential expertise to give an estimate to the gold you own in any form: jewelry, French or foreign coins, ingots...
We will then accompany you in your best interests and at each stage of the sale or purchase procedure.
As auctions are open to all, we will put professional and private buyers in competition with each other, thus allowing you to obtain the best possible price.

What are the factors of variation of the gold price?

Interest rates

When interest rates rise, the price of gold tends to fall as investors switch to government bonds and other asset classes whose returns are linked to interest rates. The most important of these is set by the US Federal Reserve, which is responsible for regulating and supervising the banking system.

The price of the US dollar

The U.S. dollar is one of the main currencies used by countries in international trade. The price of gold and the price of the dollar vary in inverse proportion: when the dollar is strong, gold is weaker, and vice versa.

Geopolitical events

In times of international conflict, gold prices generally rise as investors buy the metal as a safe haven to protect themselves from uncertainty. The same phenomenon occurred during the Covid pandemic, and can be observed in every major crisis.

Supply and demand

The production of gold is not unlimited and it is variable and as for any other commodity, its price fluctuates according to supply and demand. For example, during the holidays in India and China, people buy jewelry, the demand is traditionally higher and the price of gold increases. Similarly, when industrial production increases, the need for gold increases and so does the price of gold.

Why buy gold?

Holding gold is a protection against inflation. Currency values fluctuate, but the value of gold can remain more stable over the long term.



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