Inventories and collections


If you wish to make an inventory, we can competently prepare an official document within the framework of an inheritance, a division, a donation, a guardianship or for insurance purposes.
If you wish to know the value of your assets, we can draw up an inventory in view of a sale or independently of any sale.
If you have to empty a house in the context of a move, an inheritance or for any other reason, we can help you to value its contents.
We travel throughout the Ile-de-France region, in France and abroad, in order to carry out inventories and to guide you towards the solution best adapted to your needs.


If you wish to sell your collection, we will help you to highlight it by presenting it in a dedicated sale or by integrating it in an adapted sale.
Lemon Auction is able to quickly provide you with a free initial estimate. If you wish to proceed, we will establish a detailed inventory that will serve as a basis for the sale of your goods. We will then be able to set a date of sale that meets your expectations.


If you are wondering whether your house contains a treasure or whether your art objects are valuable, we can carry out confidential appraisals at the office or at your home.


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