• Très important et original Ghoum en soie.
    Iran Atelier Rachtizadeh.
    Atelier impérial du Shah. Vers 1970

Carpets and tapestries

The carpet is a furnishing element evocative of warmth and comfort. It has long been synonymous with luxury and until the end of the 17th century it was even used to warm the walls of noble residences.

The oriental carpet, coming from Persia, Turkey, the Caucasus, sometimes from Central Asia, India or China is the most represented. Preference is often given to Persian carpets or carpets from Iran from which come the most sumptuous pieces: Tabriz, Naïn, recognizable by the finesse of the weaving, Kachan and Ghoum in silk, Sarouk, recognizable by the finesse of their designs, Kirman, and especially the so-called "Polish" carpets in silk, brocaded with metallic threads of gold or silver dating from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, whose luxury surpasses all others. Auctions are an opportunity to find some exceptional old pieces because of their ornamental richness, the quality of their weaving, their materials and their dimensions.

For lovers of French carpets, whilst there are beautiful pieces from the Aubusson and Beauvais factories, the most sought-after come from the Savonnerie.

As for the Kilims and carpets from North Africa, these are experiencing a revival of interest because they are finding their place in contemporary interiors. The Kilim, lighter and with bright colors, animates a minimalist design interior. The Berber carpet, made of thick and dense wool, brings warmth, its often geometric and black patterns on a white background easily adapt to different interior styles.

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